In foam an infinite amount of bubbles come together in a complicated mass of air and soap. Introduce a neat amount of dirt and the whole fragile structure becomes unstable: the molecules align themselves to the intruder in a new way, in nanoseconds the bubbles burst, larger spaces are made which enclose lipophile and hydrophile elements from the surroundings in an abrupt realignment. A collective of many individuals paradoxically makes a larger but hermetically sealed composite.

cobratheater.cobra transfers dirt-caused chemical process into a new practice for collectives: the boiler house becomes a dirt room, soap laboratory and birth place of the DIRTYSECRETCHOIR with a neighbourly foam party!

cobratheater.cobra is a German-wide, self governing network of more than 40 artists from performing and visual arts. The network grows through the principle of infection – and works in ever changing combinations on the aesthetic and interdisciplinary configurations of theatre processes and collectives.

Friday, 3 July 2015 7 pm — open house

Residency: 21 June till 3 July 2015