Liz Rosenfeld


It is the future. There is an energy crisis and humans have accepted the fact that foxes are the only mammals left on earth with the ability to reproduce. We can only create energy for our daily needs through the harnessing of sexuality. We are called to duty to devote our sexual energy to the non-procreative survival of humanity.——This is an anti desire desire. This is a need. For. To . Action.——Calling on the future hive mind, comrades, feminist gender cyborgs, hybrids, in-between body space time continuums, sub sequential resistant organisms, post-post human pirates, and all that are terraforming hi-fi down and dirty queer after qyeer after Kw-Ee-R renegade cyber punks.——I invite / demand / request / question / challenge / wish / encourage / and /excite the people to cum and capture your hawt carnel fleshy generative amatory salacious force with me. We will work together to harness, save and re-distribute our sexual ouput in order to continue to exist in this multi-home-world Roberta Admantium energy in crisis.——We will figure the future out together.——Help me: Bottle orgasms. Preserve sonic moans. Decanter lust. Track and imprint tantric touch. Expand our cryostasis cunt-ries. Jack – into the fuckmention so we may maintain our crisis-mode.——We may not be able to save the world, but we have the juice to keep up the energy.——Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures.——Cum be with me and preserve our enegry for the auto erotic now future.

Liz Rosenfeld will spend six weeks inhabiting the future in the midst of an energy crisis where she will invite the public to come and harness their sexual energy with her. She will be researching, testing and understanding how we can save our sexual desire in order to maintain energy for living into the future. She will also investigate how humans can continue to accept and live peacefully in the current climacteric landscape along side the foxes, the only mammals left on earth that are able to procreate. She will give a presentation on her findings, as well as keep a daily video diary of her experiences.

Liz Rosenfeld is a Berlin-based artist who works within the disciplines of live performance, film / video in order to convey a sense of past and future histories. Rosenfeld is invested in concepts of how history can be queered and experienced through momentism and the ways in which it is lived and remembered. Her work has been screened and performed internationally.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Residency: 30 May till 11 July 2015