Pepe Dayaw

Leftovers Dinner

Cooking and history are both »dirty« processes: On closer inspection, historical time frames like the »Spice Routes«, are populated by unforeseen accidents. At the same time these discoveries or developments create new possibilities – in history and in the kitchen. In the mundane act of cooking leftovers, Pepe Dayaw rediscovers historical serendipity as a choreographic concept of making »old worlds anew«. During the essentially dirty process of cooking something without a recipe and out of what is found on-site, he is rehearsing hazard. He installs an itinerant social kitchen where the meals will be cooked through an uncertain art of improvisation, while approximately thousand years of migrations of spices and colonialism are archived until the present day: in stews, rolls, and mixed bowls.

The food distribution platform,, supports Pepe Dayaw’s leftover dinners. Aiming at minimizing food waste, the volunteer organization collects food and redistributes it locally.

Welcome to our Leftovers Dinners, each Thursday at 8 PM!

Besides the dinner the lecture performance »Leftover Philosophies – Vol. 1: an unfinished language« by Pepe Dayew will take place on 11 June 2015. It is a live declaration of the »Nowhere Kitchen« he created as a nomadic platform for learning. A concert with Ernesto Estrella will follow.

4 & 11 & 18 & 25 June & 2 & 9 July 2015, 8 pm