Quast & Knoblich

Fortune Teller

Every building needs a certain amount of care and a boiler room is no exception. And so Hendrik Quast and Maika Knoblich take it upon themselves to look after cleanliness and order, picking up what others have left behind. From the opening to the last event they will be collecting plates, broken pieces, fragments and other finds. The things that the artists and visitors leave behind are transformed into the future by the duo Quast & Knoblich: using the practices and methods of fortune telling, they deduce from the collected coffee grounds what lies in store for dirt and the world. Building up to the finale of Dirt: The Show an oversize still life will be created in the boiler room that presents the past and promises glimpses of a new future.

In their collaborative work Henrik Quast and Maika Knoblich establish »theatrical problems« and develop situations and site specific happenings and actions from them. Their art and craft techniques are placed into the space and time of the theatre and examine a theatricalisation of growth processes, so that the usual views of nature are pushed to the bounda-ries of naturalness and artificiality.

Friday, 5 June 2015 
7 pm — open house

Residency: 1 June till 7 June 2015 & 6 july till 11 July 2015